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Message from the Principal

Picture of principal Rebecca Morales

Dear Parents,

     It is hard to believe that February is already here!  We are more than halfway through the school year and we continue our focus on improving  student achievement.  Here at United Middle, we have been working hard to help our students make the best  decisions about learning and      positive behavior. 

     We hosted  a  “STAAR Make & Take Night” at the end of January and before STAAR Testing begins.   These hands on sessions gave you the opportunity to collaborate with your child in preparing STAAR related study materials that will be  beneficial in helping your children study at home.  Successful schools build and maintain strong connections between home and school.  This is one thing that we are proud of and will continue to work  towards improving.  Please continue to ask your children about tests,  homework,  and peer relationships.    Always encourage your child and  expect the very best! 

    Our STAAR “Excellence   Workshops” are in full force as the STAAR exam approaches.  This program takes place Monday-Thursday as well as designated “Maverick University” sessions held on designated Fridays and  Saturdays.    The  instruction that students are receiving at these  sessions are  prescriptive and designed  to meet our students’ individual needs to help them “Climb New Heights To Masters Performance!”.  It is extremely  important that your child take   advantage of these opportunities.   If you are unsure about whether or not your child is  required to    attend, please call your child’s  teachers or our   Academic Coordinator, Mrs.  R. Villagomez at  473-7339.

     We have had a very  successful first semester with your help and will continue working with our students to achieve high levels of success!

                                                                                               Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. R. Morales